Think Outside The Plate

TOTP 8" Chef's Knife

The TOTP 8” Chef’s Knife is a Carbon Stainless Steel Knife. It is highly durable, easy to sharpen, and maintains a razor-sharp edge. This means, that the knife has the ability to retain it’s shape and not become dull with regular use. This region of the knife is the hardest, in order to resist all types of stress. 
Along with edge retention and durability, this steel also has high corrosion resistance, so the knife won’t rust!
The knife has has an ample amount of chromium (18%), vanadium, and molybdenum, which are components that make the edge retention of the knife better than most Chef Knives out on the market. 

Think Outside The Plate 8" Chef's Knife


How To Care For Your Knife

  1. When cutting, use a clean, smooth cutting motion, never allowing the knife to lift off of the board.
  2. Avoid cutting solid or frozen items with your knife, causing damage to the blade (i.e. bones, seeds, metal, etc.)
  3. Clean immediately after use. Do not leave in the sink or pile heavy utensils on top.
  4. Handwash carefully in warm water with a damp sponge and dishwashing soap. 
  5. Use moderate amounts of mild dishwashing liquid.
  6. Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions or scrubbers. Dry the knives carefully with a soft, clean towel. Ensure the knives are completely dry before storage. 
  7. Store in a wood box, a secluded drawer, or on a knife board.


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