This is my experience page throughout my dietetic internship with Sodexo Health. Take a scroll through to see all the amazing, fun, and challenging experiences I had as a Sodexo Dietetic Intern. 

Clinical Rotation

I fulfilled my clinical rotation hours at Kings County Hospital, I completed 470 hours at this site. I developed skills in counseling, building rapport with patients, and utilizing the Nutrition Care Process to document on patients. I learned to recognize diseased states and their complications based on bloodwork, physical signs and symptoms, previous medical history, and food and nutrition history in order to provide medical nutrition therapy. I completed my basic, intermediate, and advanced clinical along with staff relief, clinical nutrition management, and my concentration in critical care (ICU/CCU/NICU) at Kings County Hospital. I had a great experience at Kings County Hospital and appreciated the knowledge and guidance from all the Dietitians on staff I worked with.

Community Rotation

I completed my community rotation at the Well NY and the Sephardic Bikur Cholim (SBH) sites. The Well NY is a community-based institution that offers educational courses for individuals who were unable to obtain higher education degrees. These non-accredited courses include psychology, Judaic studies, culinary arts and more. The organization was created in memory of my seven dear young cousins that perished in a house fire in 2015. I had the opportunity and privilege to sit with Holocaust survivors, learn from and provide meals to them and another food-insecure individuals.

 SBH has stood as a pillar of charity, dedicated to caring for those less fortunate. I completed part of my community rotation at SBH, particularly in the food division, cooking and packaging meals for the food pantry, assisting in the coordination of events, and fundraising for the organization.  

Food Service Management Rotation

I conducted my food service rotation at Societe Generale NYC. At this location I helped prepare meals for ~80 expected customers per day and also assisted in serving those meals to the customers directly and daily. I gained management skills and learned how to properly run the systems of a food service facility through the lense of a food service manager. I was also able to utilize my culinary skills in the kitchen and worked side-by-side with the head chef to execute a meal for my retail marketing and wellness project. I also improved their systems of product packaging by finding a sustainable option for the facility to use. 

Wellness Rotation


Michelle Shapiro is a Functional Registered Dietitian that has a whole-body approach. Healing begins with focusing on underlying conditions before looking at weight loss. I had the privilege to learn about how to run a private practice, partook in courses to heal anxiety, worked on projects, and wrote articles for her blog! Michelle solidified my passion in wanting to pursue functional nutrition. My ultimate career goal is to change people's lives by improving negative health complications. 

Long-Term Care Rotation

I completed my Long Term Care rotation at Complete Care of Monmouth, NJ. I used my clinical skills to write progress notes, assess patients using the Nutrition Care Process, and communicate with nurses. I also learned the structure of the DSM scoring for insurance billing. I really enjoyed this clinical facility and gained an appreciation for the interdisciplinary team.